Tharag Dimmick a.k.a. Franklin

Half-Orc, Male, Paladin of Tethyr and "Champion of Helm"


Tharag Dimmick (Franklin)

Born 1364 to Neske Dimmick mother killed midsummer of 1371 raised by the church of Helm. Initiated into the Vigilant Eyes of the Deity in 1377.
Neske Dimmick was an orc who left the Tribe of the Red Hand. She could not comprehend why the orcs always felt the need to destroy. She felt they would be better served by making peace with their neighbors. Since no one else felt the same she left the tribe and went out on her own. She learned of Chauntea the Great Mother and started following her edicts. She would travel the country side going from farm to farm helping the farmers with any sick animals they had using her skills in herbalism. Of course naturally they were not to welcoming but all it takes is one then the word spread that she could be trusted and soon she was a welcomed commodity.
She did this for many years until one night she was taking her evening rest in the forest when she was captured by a band of bandits. The bandits proclaimed that they were the protectors of the land and indeed they helped some but they were racist and killed anything that was not human. Then they would expect to be reimbursed by any farmers close by usually in the form of payment called rape. When they captured Neske they originally thought of just slaying her but even though she was orc she was fairly good looking even by human standards. So instead they took her back to their base and bound her raping her repeatedly. On one particular night they were deep into their cups and left her tied to where they normally raped her and she was able to escape after they all passed out.
She soon discovered that she had gotten pregnant and believing all life was sacred she kept the child. She had the child one night in a barn of one of the local farmers she had helped. She named the boy Tharag and began raising him with the respect she believed all people should have teaching him to read and write and the values all people should hold in high regard. One night when Tharag was nine they were travelling between farms when they were beset by another set of bandits. This group was not interested in taking prisoners. Neske slayed most of them until she was mortally wounded Tharag grabbed his mother’s sword and slayed the remaining two.
A couple of days later a group of clerics of Helm were passing by and they happened upon the scene. There was Tharag standing protectively over his mother’s corpse. The dead bandits and a few wild animals slain by him were evidence of his skill. They were able to convince him that they meant no harm and after burying his mother they took him with them to study and be raised in the church of Helm at Darrowmar in Tethyr.
He followed the rules of the Vigilant One to the “T” never deviating. He meet a close friend who studied with him by the name of Timmy. Together they were inseparable. Tharag who now went by the name of Franklin, given to him by a kindly priest whom he looked up to like a father figure, Was Timmy’s protector. Timmy was a small child and all the others picked on him, especially when they were outside of the church running errands and the like. So Franklin took it upon himself, following the teachings of Helm, to protect Timmy from all of the bullying that took place. To this day he still cannot stand for people to be bullied. The priests of Helm where so impressed with Franklins responsible nature that any important assignment that came along was almost automatically passed on to Franklin.
After his six years of study passed by Franklin knew that he was meant to be a Paladin furthering the teachings of the Vigilant One and protecting those that needed it. The priest set forth one more task he needed to undertake. They had found out that a band of so called heroes where travelling the country side killing all none humans and taking their payment from the farmers they were “protecting” and they needed to be stopped. It just so happened that this band was the same ones who had raped Franklin’s mother all those years past. So Franklin set out with a small contingent of warriors under his command to pursue and destroy these bandits.
They finally ran them to ground about one mile from a farm they had just taken their payment from and were able to pass judgment on them without any loss of life on Franklin’s side. When they returned victorious Franklin was initiated into the Vigilant Eyes of the Deity.
He is currently at the Drunken Morkloth Inn after finishing helping transport some clerics of Helm safely to the temple of Helm in Cauldron.

Tharag Dimmick a.k.a. Franklin

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