Cauldron: Shackled City Campaign for 3.5e D&D

Campaign Introduction
Our campaign will take place in the Forgotten Realms during the month of Kythorn, in 1378 DR “Year of the Cauldron”. In recent years Faerun has experienced an explosion of wild magic, a plague of rogue dragons, global lightning storms, the rise of both the Elf Kin and Shades, and a horde of undead surfacing over the Dales. Your characters begin their journey in the Lake of Steam region of Faerun, to be exact you find yourselves in the town of Cauldron (Ironic aye!).
Cauldron is a large town nestled in the crater of an inactive volcano among the Alamir Mountains. The Alamir Mountains are flanked by the Forest of Mir on the west side, and the Lake of Steam to the east. The city streets of Cauldron form concentric rings around the inner ridge, and the cross streets lead down to a small lake in the crater’s center. A 50-foot-tall wall surrounds the city, broken only by four gates that lead to the outside world. In general, upper-class neighborhoods are near the walls and lower-class ones surround the lake.
Currently Cauldron is ruled by a Lord Mayor by the name of Severen Navalant, and the Captain of the Town Guard is Terseon Skellerang. Cauldron currently has four temples/churches; The Everwatch Church is dedicated to Helm and led by High Priestess Jenya Urikas; Temple of Lordly Might is dedicated to Tempus, and led by High Priest Asfelkir Hranleurt; Cathedral of Fate is dedicated to Kelemvor and led by High Priestess Embril Aloustinai; Temple of Radiance is dedicated to Lathander and is led by High Priest Kristof Jurgensen.
Your characters find themselves staying at The Drunken Morkoth Inn; the proprietor of the Inn is Halpeen Welvihk. Unless stated later none of you know each other but you may have seen or talked amongst each other while at the Inn. The town currently consists of only two adventuring parties; The Stormblades (currently on R&R), and The Band of the Hand (currently employed).

Recent events and/or rumors:
• Event- Children were kidnapped from the Lantern Street Orphanage, but safely returned due to the exploits of “The Band of the Hand”.
• Event- Cauldron began to flood last season due to winter rains, it is rumored that “The Band of the Hand” helped the Helm church by recovering wands of water control.
• Event- The town of Cauldron experienced a rampaging Fiendish Umber Hulk that was slain by an assortment of town guards and adventurers.
• Rumor- “The Band of the Hand” was hired by a rich noble to rescue Zenith Splintershield.
• Rumor- “The band of the Hand” was all slain by Hookface; it has been weeks since they were last seen.

- I double dog dare you to go into the graveyard.

What you the adventurers know most recently:
Two days ago, a family of mourners ventured out to the graveyard and didn’t return. A pair of sentinels investigated, but the guards vanished as well. The townsfolk are in a panic. They’ve always heard rumors of disturbances in graveyards and tombs, but never has such misfortune struck the graveyard of Cauldron. The clergy of Kelemvor have guaranteed that the graveyard is free of undead. The Lord Mayor has posted a reward for the return of the missing citizens. Currently no adventuring group has stepped up to answer the call.

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