Session 4r

The Metal Statue Room

I awake from my evening of sleep to find the party staring blankly into a room with two stone statues. I peek in… There is a room with 2 metal statues. According to Leera, both can be animated. As I observe the room I also note both Teryn and a hobgoblin killed by the apparent guardians . Something may have come from the chest of the statues to kill the two within the room. Leera also notes, “something smoky that came from the eyes and attacked the other group.” The paladin seemed to be deep in thought..
(Goblin voice in my head) “Stoopid, Stoopid, don’t go into the room… metal, magics, metal magics, AAAAAARRRRrrg.” (Drow voice in my head)” “filthy slave classes don’t know what the hell they are doing.”
Written in illegible mixed script that looks like a mix of drow and goblin…
Xkjkjanllmd nlaldkn. Llakdn..dnld.dllad.
Translation Goblin .. “Dumb asses.”
Translation Drow. “unintelligent slave races.”
(back to common) The party seems to be concerned with fighting their way through…Something in my memory I remember.. While in prison…
(Drow voice in my head).. “Stone melting”…
It came to me as a memory from my time in the Drow prison cell.. I had seen a female melt a stone table over top of one of the slaves encasing him permanently… Maybe the short hairy fellow can melt the statues. … Nope, he can’t. I sigh to myself, short and shiny not much substance.
I presented a brilliant strategy that was once deployed in the water deep keep to kill two ghosts. No one bit on the plan.
(Drow voice in my head) “fools are going to get you killed”.
(Orc voice in my head) “Challenge them… Kill the stones!”
They instead convinced the party to try and pull the body of the goblin from the room. Nothing happened… Lucky.
Written in Undercommon – “Unorganized fools!”
We proceeded to loot the body.
• Master work LS
• Small wooden shield
• Nice heavy looking amulet. (thick bronze scale amulet with picture of a lizard)
• Pouch (6 silver, 4 gold, 20 copper)
The body was tossed into the pit/trap.
It took two tries to pull Teryl back to the party with the grappling hook. He had the following items on his corpse:
• Thin brass tube with agate on the end. (wand of some type) <free> – (wand of magic missile)
• Short sword
• Buckler
• Pouch (6 copper, 40 silver, 6 gold, 7 platinum)
• Backpack and leather armor is completely thrashed

As we debate what to do next… The paladin suddenly places the dead body on one shoulder and the shiny armored Halfling under his arm and ran into the room!
DAMN! I did not think he had it in him. Two bodies as shields!
(Drow voice in my head) “Gah! He is no paladin”
I prepare to track the timing for the beasts to return to the statues… No tracking necessary! (They were amazingly fast) 1 Black animal like creature with oversize jaws jumped out of one statue and 1 four legged creature with spikes came from the other. In addition to the two creatures an additional 4 smoky constructs also mist BLAST from the red glowing eyes.
(Orc voice in my head) “Gruumsh, Gruumsh, Gruumsh!”.
They proceed to flank the crap out of Therag and biting the ass off of him again. I jumped into the room distracting the second 4 legged creature with long spikes. It WORKED! (Orc writing) “ HAZZZA! (Back to common) I slammed my axe into the beast, a great cleave, and it felt good.
(Orc voice in my head) “bite him, bite him with biter… Gruumsh, Gruumsh, Gruumsh!”
Vashan shot him in the neck with a nice shot… Battle was raging I could hear the blood pulsing in my ears. It is on baby, it is on! Just then, the paladin threw the little shiny guy and dropped the body.. man.. he was showing so much promise for a moment. (written in drow) “This just proves how useless slave races are, especially the half breeds.”
(back to common) Through the mêlée I see Allistar tripping and nearly falling, or barely balancing himself trying to use his new wand… shooting at the creatures. (Good thing those missiles auto target…) Amber bolts burst from the wand crashing into black mouthy creature.
Thorag slashed from creature to creature. The paladin was apparently trying to be heroic. (Written in Orc “wasteful, bah he had living shields but threw them down” Screaming Thorag commanded the lesser party members to rush through the room. Not me.. I was too busy saving his ass. Just then I land the killing blow on the spiked creature. As the creature died, it sounded as if the spirit was happy to be released… Thinking quickly..
(Drow voice in my head) ”clever, but foolish.”
I yell to the paladin “the spirits are being freed from enslavement” I know that the paladin will fight to the death to save them and by virtue enable mutt to pass safely through the room.
Allistair blasts some green flame and kills several of the misted creatures. (written in Goblin) “ooooh pretty colours” (back to common) Admittedly, that was cool.
(Drow voice in my head) “ahh fireburst, a useful but simple spell. But typical of the lesser races.Let the spirits be tormented”
Nip, shoots the mouthy creature with an arrow and it dies. (but only because of the additional damage from the green flame). I whistle to Mutt to join us with Bug.
Leera simply flicks her wrist and kills the shadowy distractor as if it was nothing.
(Drow voice in my head)“ Do not trust the Half elven abomination”
(Written in Drow) There may be more there that a hot half-elf.
(Back to common) The battle ends and the party gathers to move forward on to follow Xeron.

The tunnel

Nip started checking out the tracks and noticed that Garjuk was with Xeron again. Deroog (jooog) is still with him too. I feel a slight thrill of excitement the time to kill Garjuk is nearly here. (Written in goblin) Kill kill kill the creature. Muahahaha” (back to common) I will have my vengeance.
As we prepare to start down the tunnel. Vashan is ambushed!
Combat ensues!
They have a great spot and are dug in. (Written in gnome)” This could be a tough spot to take…”
(back to common) I moved down cautiously to check the wall. It appears to be a 4 foot makeshift wall… hmmm (Written in Dwarven) “80 foot slide down 20% grade.” (back to common) Not sure it’s enough to roll a construct, from the other room, down and destroy the wall. (Written in Drow) “Although if Therag goes first it may be possible to breach the wall.”
(back to common) Foolish Verag trying to draw us in, I let the party know what they are planning. Then rush down to gain cover and survey what they had in mind for us.
Therag just went barreling into the wall and took it out. (Written in Orc) “Yes Yes Yes, Reckless and powerful, his full orc-nature is displayed!” (Back to common) I’ll be crapped…

Straw Room

Nip moved in cautiously and fired off a few shots. (written in Orc) “ here kitty kitty”
(Back to common) Maggug takes a couple of clean shots at Vashan wounding him.
Maguug is tough.. this could be a good fight with 4 other of his vorag buddies… (Written in Drow) “Please… this is just common fodder”
(Back to common) I slash one of his Vorag buddies, telling the party to be wary of Mauguug, and then threaten him in an attempt to distract Mauggug and draw his fire.
(Drow Voice in my head) “FOOL!” never draw the attention of your enemy wait for the time then kill him mercilessly.”
Goodie ..
(Orc voice in my head) “blood, kill kill kill”
Dwarven voice “Face him toe to toe chop him to size then look him in the eye before ye take his head”
Gnome Voice in my head “wheeeeee giggle giggle.”
Halfling Voice “<singing> we represent the…” (I am temporarily distracted by the voices in my head and completely lose vision of the field.)
<silence> Everything comes into clarity and Focus. <tunnel>
Therag charges past me toward Maguug and looks to be in pain, then screams, Caltrops! HAH! The voices were looking out for me…
Nip’s shoots Maguug in the chest, staggering him.
The cleric must have been bored and decided to heal Vashaan ensuring he stays in the battle.
I shuffled my way through the caltrops and shouted at the coward (Magruug)”I’m coming for you, Fear my Ass!”
Nip rushed right up to Magruug and stated politely, “You shot at me that was not nice.” (It was hard to tell exactly what he said because the battle that was taking place.” (written in gnome) “ole Nip is a nice feller when he wants to be…” (back to common)

Waterfall room

Racing around the corner, I could (written in orc) “taste the blood”, (Back to common) Mauguug was about to die! I rounded the corner but Mauguug was already dead! (Written in goblin) “curses no death no death my hand today.”
(written in common) I immediately spot someone hiding in the waterfall of the room. Nip is somewhat silent and seemed to be staring in the general direction of the hidden person. I asked “what happened.” Nip did not answer…
Nip then just went back into the other room as the battle was finishing up. I inquired to the individual hiding in the shadows of the waterfall. “Friend or Foe?” <silence>
(Drow voice in my head), “KILL HIM!”
Therag approached cautiously asking.. “Friend or Foe?” The individual again is silent.
Nip returns, The silent dood steps out from the waterfall.
He has silvery hair and a beard. It looks like he is wearing a holy symbol of some Leaf Diety. (Orc voice in my head) “GAAA! A Tree hugger!”
…and speaks…
“ So many visitors this day.” “Why came you here.” …
I let him know. “I seek vengeance to kill Garjuk, looter of this tomb.”
Therag says, “We don’t have time for this!”.
Nip then goes into detail and explains our intentions. …not a diplomat obviously.
The being names himself Siger then states. “The betrayer will destroy them if the foul creature in the next room does not.” He then offers a challenge to us and asks us for an item… (Written in halfling) WTF! (back to common) … negotiation ensues.
Apparently, not trusting me (written in drow) “and failing to overcome my obviously superior negotiation skills.” (Back to common) he then changes his tact, and offers free passage with information if we kill the “abomination in the next room”
(Drow voice in my head, BAH! Bastard wishes to kill the beautiful creature in the next room… Kill the silver haired fool instead!)
I leave the conversation to let the other party members to motion them forth explaining what we have seen. When I return, Siger begins transporting us across the falls.
Magruug Loot:
MW Chain shirt
MW Scimitar
6 Silver arrows
Magic Short bow (magic)
30 Arrows
Verags and room loot:
Party looted equipment while we had discussion with Siger. They show this cool new pack that holds stuff nearly weightless, it is loaded with stuff. Nice haul!

Battle for the Tomb

Different Stone in this area.. (Written in Dwarven) “Incredible stone work! Obviouslydwarven design.” (back to common) The door is broken on corner (Crown / Scepter/ Rampant Dragon) We have begun our new mission to kill a tomb spider.
As we walk into the room and begin to burn spider webs a 10X10 spider swarm attcks Vashan and Nip.
The swarm engulfs Nip. A swarm creature (web mummy) attacks Nip.
I step in front of Allistar (Voice in my head) “<tune> we represent the … “
Protecting him from the swarm and bringing my hammer to bear. Therag (as usual) steps in and slashes the mummy with a sword.
(Drow voice) “Fools!, choose to stop, accecpt the embrace of Lloth.”
Vashan shot an arrow of fire into the mummy. Alistair puts balls of fire intothe mummy creature. Enough, play time is over, I smash the hammer into the mummy killing several spiders.
Therag swipes at the mummy with vigor staggering it further.
Vashan and Nip both shoot at the mummy in the heat of battle it’s hard to tell who was shooting. (Probably Vashan, Nip is just a little… slow on the uptake.. meow meow. He heh )
The mummy hit me and decided to run, so I crushed it. Its threatening swarm of spiders spilled forth. I slipped briefly in the slime from the spiders and allowed the swarm to move from beneath my hammer. DAMN!
Thorag then repeated the mistake with his sword (not unusual). Vashan shot into the swarm in an attempt to kill a few more spiders from the swarm. (Written in Drow) “how many spiders in the swarm does he think he can hit with an arrow?“
(Back to common) Allistair (Shiny Shorts) shoots a fire ray at the spider and webbing on the balcony and blasts for what looks like a large amount of damage. I smash a large number of spiders as they start to swarm us. The number of bites is very annoying so I decide to disperse them with a final blow of my hammer.
I notice that Allistair is fighting the large spider on the balcony almost single handedly. The spider appears to back away in fear.
(Orc voice “me hate magics” Smash the shiny shorty”) I move beneath the balcony heading for the stairs. Nip moved out to take shots at the tomb spider. Suddenly, my position is compromised by the that damned paladin! “the spider is just above Randal”
(Written in drow.) “He should be killed and you should do it.” (Written in Orc) “ No he no tough enough, you do it.” (written in Gnome) “ wheeeeee” (written in Halfling) “ ehem excuse me.. but I represent… “
(back to common) Next thing I know the spider drops in front of me and bites me, I feel the poison flow into my body… Shaken I strategically maneuver away from it.
The spider dies and I prepare for the killing blow… (Drow voice in my head) Collect the milk.. collect the milk of the fang.”
As the spider dies I feel compelled to collect some of the poison…
(Drow) “Milk that spider, its venom is valuable.”
The next thing I know everyone starts complains profusely. (Gnome) “wheeeeee”
(Written in Drow) They think I’m a thief and willing to use poison, BAH!. Trustless. I have defended them to this point and helped them. While it has benefited me, they expect me to give, give, give, and provide resources. This is not a tyranny.. or is it? (written in elven) Perhaps I should leave with the young half elf Leera. (Back to common) We loot the remaining tomb and I deliver the head to Siger.
• Mithral BP.
• 3 throwing Axes.
• Heavy wooden shield
• MW battle axe
• Food
• Bones
1- Potion (cure mod)
• 2 – large diamonds
• 12 plat
• 67 Gold
• Old Scull with a phylactery
Various members of the party have decided that they are here for “the greater good.”
(Drow voice) “leave, just go”
If the paladin truly does believe he needs me perhaps I should test those limits. It’s obvious that Leera and Vashan are trying to put the blame on me.
(DrowVoice) “test, yes test the limits” Perhaps I should leave him in a critical moment…
I don’t feel it is necessary for me to help the party succeed.
(Halfling voice) This was just a job to begin with… it is not my fight.
(written in undercommon) I have seen evil cities and survived.
(Dwarven voice) human power was too much someone had to stand up for the greater good.
(written in common) Perhaps the living king was gaining too much power and his friend felt it was time to break the empire into smaller portions. The history is written by the Victor.
(Orc voice) NO! you must kill the ratty man! Keel him and make hem bleed!
I am starting to grow weary of this fight, if it were not for Garjuk I would not be here to begin with, I will stay until Garjuk feels my wrath.

Session 4r

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