Session 3r


Hazy memory

What the heck happened? One minute we are arguing about who is going back to town.. The next minute Alistair is saying something about being fully healthy and wanting to travel. Mr. Goody being pushy and everything else is a blank. I know I had taken copious notes on our adventure but cannot even find them now…

Pillar Room

I vaguely remember a room with pillars…
(Drow) NO! you will not recall the objectives you will disassociate with this “traveling band” pfaw. Anyone that lets them be led around by a Self-righteous half-breed should be killed.
(Common) There was a beholder! Holy Crap! I remember now.
(Drow) Arise! Arise my favorite eye of the deep and kill the humans. Petrify this pitiful mongrel and have your fiends bring him to me. I have use for him.

The Maze Room

I also vaguely remember a maze like room and some strange beings that directed out of the maze. And for some reason the paladin was leaking puss from his ass (Drow voice in my head) yes, yes.. keep that restoration potion to yourself.
I recall saving some of the party from some eel like creatures in this room. But it’s all fuzzy in my recollection now.

The Water Trap Room

Whatever the being was, I remember..
(Drow voice in my head) Trap.. It led you into a trap.
(Common)… it led us into a trap. Some room with no exit except into a pool of water full of leaches.
(Drow voice in my head) You saved members of the party and they did not even acknowledge you. Leave them.
(Common).. This group is not much better than Xeron, all this talk of doing right… I throw them a rope to save them and they ignore it. Nip jumps into the pool to save him, what an idiot. Did he think the leaches attacking the little armored shrimp would leave his furry ass alone? Upon pulling The little guy out of the water I felt pity on him and provided him a restoration potion to heal his wounds and what do I get… (Drow voice) NOTHING but DISTRUST!.
I help them yet they continue to distrust me… and this paladin reminds me of the Warden of Waterdeep. Blinded by self-righteous purpose for a cause he does not even understand. Just Press on…
Fuzzy memories fade out again.

… Why do I have such a headache all the time..

Session 3r

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