Session 2r

SESSION 2 (written by Randal)

Journal Entry 18th (Mixed Goblin, Orc, Gnome, Undercommon)

(Written in Orc language)

Encountered a party of adventurers today.

I came upon them and think I must have scared them pretty well because at my appearance the little guy (Allistair) Worked hard to intimidate me. Although, I kept my wits about me the little shit did actually look ominous when I first met him. I can only attribute it to his unusual appearance and possibly thinking he was #3 when I first popped out of the hole. There was also a Mr. Goodie-Goodie Therag I believe he is called. It seems like these days everyone has to have one. I can only assume its comic relief for those of us that see the insanity of it. After some smooth talking Mr. Goodie agreed to let me come along with the party with the clear reason for vengeance. To my surprise he agreed to allow me to personally kill Garjuk (Written in goblin) “ that bastard Wererat /hobgoblin rogue flee ridden, brokeback goblin romping son of a motherless half drow… “ (back to orc) Oh yea.. and Mr. Goodie-Goodie, said I was part of some cloudy dream. I don’t know about the rest of the party but I think that is disgusting and for a goodie like him to say that he is dreaming of me in a cloudy way.. That should be penance of some sort. My only cloudy dreams are of that wench back in town.. “(Written in goblin) oh yea.. that was a sweet 8 second ride, and no that is not a bastard sword in my pocket, that is my wand of bastard making. “
(back to orc) The rest of the party consisted of a Cleric (Merlow) he is a pretty decent fellow and he seemed genuinely concerned about helping me bury my companion Hackles. (RockSharr) some sort of half cat creature and a bit temperamental. I think he is a bit of an ass kisser. Apparently Therog’s ass is like cat nip to him because he just keeps kissing it. Personally, I think he wants to be like Mr. Goodie. (Vashan), the human, “spelunker” in the party. Seems to be on the level. I think I can get along with him just fine. Although like most humans, I’ll never be able to fully trust him. (undercommon) “Although, if I set my lot correctly he may work with me. Especially if I offer him a contact in Cauldron and the offer to help him fence his extra wares. We will have to see… “You will have to see if I can trust him.. (back to orc) You are right; maybe I’ll do something obvious and see his reaction. I will have to wait for an opportunity. Last and most definitely least the Halfling armor wearing mage is a strange one. I must admit I have never seen the group artillery wearing armor. I will have to work hard to see how he fares without that armor. I would place my bet that he runs around screaming like a baby lamb before being added to a stewpot. “help me, defend me, boo hoo.” Heh heh.

Room 1 – (The Central Hub)

(Written in Gnome language)

Overall after my wonderful description of what to expect and the perfect choke point, the party proved to be tactically unsound and poorly coordinated. As a city guard this would have gone much differently.
What went right?
Vashan expertly opened and unlocked the door very silently. It was actually quite impressive. Because of the silence it sounded like one if not two of those waiting in ambush were actually asleep. WOW that should have been lucky.
What went wrong?
Vashan then stepped into the room, while this was a good move from a recon perspective, he should have expected an alarm or something because it was after all meant to be an ambush. I would chalk that up to a slip of the foot, because he does appear to be capable.
Mr. Goodie, or should I say orc-brained half- blood immediately rushed into the room. I really think he completely forgot that two very capable rogues Serius and Kerusis were waiting with their Zombe guards to kill anyone that attempted to follow Xeron. Oh well he did deserve to get is dumb ass killed. (but then RockSharr would be sad because his wonderful kitty nip would be no more, but I digress). Now that I think about it, Im going to call rocksharr “Nip” and Therag “Goodie”.
No one in the party had any slashing weapons.. (written in undercommon) “ DAMNIT! Doesn’t anyone listed. Zombies are more susceptible to slashing any good drow worthy of his matron knows this.”(Back to Gnome) Maybe I should have told the adventurers that they needed to prep a little more. (Written in undercommon) “You bet your fugly ass mongrel.“ (Back to Gnome)
The little Halfling started shooting magics from his hands. WTF… OMG.. I was not sure if I should LMAO or shit. We have artillery (Mage) that wears armor. That was a first. Unfortunately, the surprise wore off quickly because he apparently thought that wearing armor would make him invincible. The dumb little Halfling ran into the middle of combat. Apparently he must be little more than a failed fighter that decided to study magics. Oh well, to each his own. I am sure he will have his uses. I would place my bets that he not very versitle and tries to compensate for his small stature. (Written in goblin) “if you know what I mean.” … (Written in undercommon).. Strangely enough I do know what you mean. (Back to Gnome).
Vashan was useful as he used a combination of movement and bowmanship to fend off the Zombies and other rogues. I held back to watch for the rogues to reveal themselves and block the choke point to keep them from wiping out Nip and Merlow. Once I was confident all of those waiting in ambush had been revealed I jumped into the fray. Unfortunately the stupidity of Goodie was apparent as he fell unconscious. Well.. Leave it to the FNG to save all their asses. (written in undercommon) “mongrel you are a schmuck if you think helping these guys is going to help you get vengeance, you will be lucky to survive.” (Back to Gnome) Vashan does have some pretty good skill with a bow and at one point was able to revive Goodie. Unfortunately while he was playing doctor I was being flanked and taking massive wounds from both Serius and Kerusis. So much so that I was only able to kill a few Zombies before being knocked unconscious.
Apparently the party trusts me very little; they revived me last and immediately wanted to move on… Thank Meridar for Mutt. If it was not for him apparently dragging me to safety it is difficult to speculate what might have transpired. The loot was split and Burn is carrying a heavier load now. Which as usual does not seem to bother him.

Room 2 – (Canal Room)

Written in Common Language
Not taking any chances this time, I made sure to emphasize that we may NOT need to fight the water elemental AND to proceed cautiously. Apparently, being obvious , with this traveling party is what will be required. Thankfully Allistar can be useful, beyond his small man (Halfling) complex and he was able to convince the elemental to let us pass. Vashan was smart and I assume went to collect the items from the dead Vorags. I stayed with the party because Goodie is apparently very distrustful.

Room 3 – (Hall of the Honored)

Written in Common Language
The hall of the honored was where Mutt was killed by Garjuk (Written in goblin) “that Wererat /hobgoblin rogue monkey humping carrion farting goat turd… “(Back to Common) As I explained what happened in this room. Nip immediately began telling some half baked version of what he thought he saw in the tracks and blood left from my encounter with Garjuk (Written in goblin) “GAAAAAA, Kill him kill that Frelling whevos gobbler“(Back to Common) I am not sure if I like this half-cat. He seems to be more and more like Goodie every day. (written in orc) “I wonder if RockSharr and Therog are secretly lovers, maybe Therog’s half-orc side likes half-pussy?”.. nah I am sure there would be some sort of penance for that.” (Back to Common) The party evaluated the tomb and there was some discussions about “investigating” further the individual crypts. But alas Goodie would have none of it. As we proceeded to the Inner Valut where we most Krootag waits for us, Vashan and Nip discovered a room. Garjuk (Written in goblin) MUAHAHAH HAH HAH at last vengeance! (Back to Common) was spotted! I was overtaken by rage and the need for blood.

Return to Room 2 – (Canal Room)

The lust overtook me and the last thing I remember was looking into the pool where the elemental was kept. (Written in goblin) Escaped! Coward,.. jump… jump.. get him.. don’t let him escape. (written undercommon) “mongrel keep your wits, you will kill him.. trust me.. your time will come.” (Back to Common) I had the urge to jump in but held it in check, if there is one thing that is certain, I will kill that rat bastard.

Room 3 – (Hall of the Honored)

Written in Common Language
We all trekked back to the Hall to investigate this strange room. Mr. Goodie read from the book on a statue in the room.
2 is one can win the day
The one with 2 shows the way
Brave the blade to break the seal
Twist the knife I will reveal.
Upon completing the reading the crypt door opened. That was strange seemed to be a pretty poor way to lock a crypt if just anyone could read from it to open the tomb. The Halfling later said he caused it to open by turning a dagger. The little guy sure is cocky. (Written in gnome) “I am sure he is over compensating, if you know what I mean.”(Back to Common) Opening the tomb revealed several magical items and a note. After reading the note there was some discussion as to wither or not we keep the items. Goodie was convinced that we were to leave them but was overruled by Nip (personally I think it was a little greed coming through the little butt sniffer), Vashan, Allistar, and Merlow. The items were of some value and included a magical rapier, a magical robe, magical bracers, and a quiver of Elona. In all a very nice find. Apparently the party is out for themselves a bit because they all divvied out the items and left none to me. (written in undercommon) “Selfish bastards. , I think they owe you at least a little bit of something for your troubles.“ (Back to Common). Oh well, I will collect something from the next find.

Room 4 – (Inner Vault)

Written in Common Language
At last we reached the vault. The group was much more cautious this time around. They learned from the Central hub that rushing in is not always wise. Nip and Vashan scouted the area and returned with a description of what they saw. (We could all hear Krootad chanting and creating his vile zombies) This made the group anxious. Unfortunately we split up to cover both entrances into the vault.

The combat did not last long and we were able to overcome Krootad and his minions of undead.
We proceeded to loot the bodies of our fallen enemies. (Written in undercommon) “Hey, it’s your turn to take your share. Everyone else got fancy items in the crypt that Garnet should be fair, although, the value is somewhat less than the magical items your party now possesses.” (Back to Common) The next think I know, Nip is pointing and yelling across the room, Hey! Hey! (Written in Goblin) Thorag can I kiss your ass. (back to Common) Thorag, “Lim is pocketing something and winking at Vashan.” Surprised, I notice my hand in my pouch, (Crap! Think fast dumbass!). Thorag starts grilling me. I offered him a bloodstone. And said it was what I had picked up. (STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!) Thorag took the garnet and pocketed it himself. That bastard, hiding behind his righteousness, who in the 9 hells does he think he is! That was rightfully mine. I am earning my keep. All he had to say was, I’ll keep my eye on you. I tried to keep Vashan out of it, but I had winked at him, I was only trying to make the attempt obvious to him hoping to earn a share of what he had already taken. (I suspect he has taken, his type always does). Now I look incompetent and stupid. (Written in undercommon) “You unworthy mongrel, we should have killed you when you were in our territory with those other beautiful abominations.” (Back to Common) Well.. we will have to see where this goes now. Time for a rest.
General Map Sketch
I have included the map of our progress in this journal so I can find my way back out easily.

Session 2r

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