Session 1r

SESSION 1 (Written by Randal)

Journal entry 12th day of Kythorn (goblin)
Arrved n ye toun of Coldroon.
Lftd soom gold frum a gard wen me axed fer durexions to a guud inn.
Gayve sum gold tu sum folc soo me cun find me a cuntoct fur a job. (funniy ye gard wuz mor handie then he thott.)
Thrlled the borulap undewar off my ride or mabe it waz frite at the seze of me peker. Jolly tim.
Got room at Drunken Morrcaff Inn
Drunk ale, Drunk ale, Drunk ale, Drunk ale, drunk moor , had a wine whench and slapded hers butt wit my peker
Got spnked beated bonked by gard
Sleeped in jale.

Journal entry 13th day of Kythorn (orc)
Still paktexin my writng skilz ths is dixfilcult tuff hard.
Went to Drunken Morrcaff Inn got me jornal, me dogs and me bug and went to the Tipped Tankard Tavern.
Meetd te cuntakt contact in ye place cald Te Tipped Tankard Tavern.
Spook to poopiter he sed to spek to de cock cuuk and then the cuuk sed to met at pavilion on ye morrow.
Got room at Drunken Morrcaff Inn
Drunk ale, Drunk ale, Drunk ale, Drunk ale, drunk moor , had a wine whench luuked at whench but dnot slapded hers butt wit my peker and went to bed.

Journal entry 14th day of Kythorn (gnome)
Meted me cuntakts at pavilion
Leera, Teryn are bards they recruited me fer sum crypt searching and prmised to hep me wif me writng skilz.
Also saw a Halfling magics boy and sufspected others waz watchn me. Thy took me to the place cald the Forgotten King Statue. Me too dogs and me bug cumed wit me too.
Leera laffed at me writng skilz, but its ok she is pretty.
I let her summazris me jornal fer me. Down here

Journal Summary 12th – 18th day of Kythorn. (as translated by Leera – Written in Elven)
Ah a beautiful day at last I arrived at the town of Cauldron. Not a large city, but not small either. Upon sauntering into the city I came upon a city guard to inquire about directions to a nice inn where I could rest my weary bones from a long perilous journey. (That is another tale, I digress).
Being short on funds I “borrowed” the guards money purse. It was kind of him to allow me to take it from his belt, as I am just a young rogue in training. I proceeded to the nearest ladies house of happiness to see if I might catch a quick ride on a local ass. There were plenty of fine asses all corralled and ready for a ride. I paid for the one that looked the most anxious. Upon entering the room I comforted her as a gentle creature would. After combing her long beautiful hair she bent over to put her brush on the table and I jumped on for a ride. I slapped her backside and rode for several moments. She bucked like a wild mare but I lasted 8 seconds. It was quite a thrilling ride. (or so she said). Satisfied I then moved on to a local establishment to see about a room for the night.
The Drunken Morrcaf was the first t place with a room so I paid the proprietor and went looking for some way to earn some quick coin. I drank so much ale that evening that I exposed myself which caused great panic and pandemonium. Several guards beat me into submission and threw me in jail to sober up.
The next day I awoke and went to retrieve my valiant traveling companions, Hackles, Mutt, and Tiny. We all set off for the Tipped Tankard Tavern. Upon having a discrete conversation with the proprietor of the establishment I met with the cook who directed me to meet with a small group of wonderfully delightful adventuring bards Leera and her equally beautiful companion Teryn. These were most excellent and upstanding Bards ready to brave the depths of the corrupted Crypt of Cathulu. (again I digress). I met with two bards Leera and Teryn and a somewhat shady Halfling fellow. Although I suspected I was being watched from the shadows, especially when Hackles started growling, I accepted the mission to help locate some historical artifacts.

On the 14th (elven)
Day of Kythorn we set off to meet other members of the adventuring party. Xeron, Krootad, #3, Deroog, Garjuk, Seraus, and Krusis. I was a little dismayed at the makeup of the party but it was too late to back out if I valued my life I knew I had to stick it out, besides they paid me 50 gold just for showing up. #3 used his magical wand of Dig to create a 200 ft. hole straight into the corrupted crypt below. Xeron sent the verags and half-orcs first. Then the rest of us proceeded down the hole at the encampment located at the base of the Forgotten Kings Statue.
To my surprise Xeron had brought along a rune hound and a roper to protect the entrance (and I suspected to keep the rest of us from running out on him) Krootad and his group went exploring to the left of the opening and other than some animated Zombies he brought back to the room one time I did not see him until the 16th (but I am getting ahead of myself). Upon seeing him with the zombies I knew there was something more going on.
As I studied the group dynamic I realized that there were several factions at work among us. #3 and a hobgoblin Rogue named Garjuk seemed to be a little too secretive yet entirely too comfortable with each other. Hackles always growled at him whenever he was nearby. So I kept a close eye on him. I always knew where he was when Hackles growled and sniffed in his direction. We only explored one room to the left of the opening above on the first day (14th). We referred to it as the central hub. I noticed before bedding down for the evening that both #3 and Garjuk both carried a black and white jester mask and were akin to tumbling a coin, with the markings of a jester , through their fingers as they set by the fire in the evening. Two Vorags Sargus and Krusis (both clearly rogues) kept to themselves and appeared to be a mated pair. (if I had to guess from the obvious bedroll sharing and spooning) As for Leera and Teryn they appeared to be two Bards out for a good story. Teryn appeared to be the one with the most knowledge of the area and reported information directly to Xeron. Although, I would have to question if they really had any loyalty to Xeron. I believe they also were just looking for an opportunity to leave this bad choice of an adventuring party. We appeared to be waiting for something because we stayed in the Central hub for a day. Krootad returned with his Zombies on the 16ht and reported something to Xeron which appeared to cause some agitation.

On Day 16 (elven)
of Kythron we traveled into the Canal room to investigate further and encountered a crypt guardian. This guardian did not appear to be evil but obviously intended to protect the room from looting. Xeron sent two half orcs and a vorag into the room to attack it just to test its defensibility and mobility. They were killed easily. Xeron tried to communicate with it and seemed to placate it momentarily when it attacked we all fought just hard enough to survive and run away entering the Hall of the Honored. The room seemed set apart somehow. Because we ran Xeron mercilessly killed two Vorag fighters that appeared to be a mated pair. He brutalized one intentionally to provoke an attack from the other but only subdued him so he could watch as he raped and then gutted the first. He then cut out the second Vorag’s tongue and then proceeded to disembowel it with a branding iron. He then splashed blood and entrails about the room. We had to camp in the room for the evening.

On day 17 (elven)
we were instructed to ransack the hall but not to take anything. This upset several of those traveling with the group. We defiled burned and looted that day and threw refuse back into the room of the guardian to taunt it. I avoided the taunting and considered us lucky that we survived the first encounter. Xeron traveled into the next room, the innter valut several times during the day. On the 18th we all began to travel into the next room when Krootad showed up and began to argue with Xeron. This was my chance to flee with little notice. As the party entered the Inner Valut I slipped back into the hall of the honored as the door closed. That was when hell broke loose It started with Hackles growling and I knew Garjuk had gotten the drop on us. Between the four of us we were too much for Garjuk and he fled. But not before slaying Hackles. ( I will kill that bastard, I swear it). I picked up my fallen comrade and headed for the exit.

Session 1r

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