Session 1

16th of Kythorn:
Made it in to the town of Cauldron. My funds are running low. Got to make sure I am properly supplied for my mission. I am sure I can find something to do in this town if not legally then so be it. Got to win big or lose big right! I am currently staying in the Drunken Morkoth Inn The proprietor Halpin is a nice enough fellow if a little over protective of his daughter Toreen. Now there is a woman I wouldn’t mind having a roll in the hay with. Not as classy as Lady Kat, but they can’t all be noble now can they. Met a Halfling by the name of Alistair says he is some kind of War Mage or something, whatever that means. Seems to be on the level might see if he is in for a little action later if I can’t find something on the legal side of things, could always use a look out.

17th of Kythorn:
Was sitting at the inn when the weirdest thing happened. I have noticed this Half-Orc a Dwarf and this cat looking person in here for a couple days now and the Half-Orc comes up to the table where Alistair and I are having a drink and says he has had some vision with me in it and the Halfling fighting some lizard horned thingy! Talk about crazy! I figure got nothing else planned right now maybe I can get him into his cups and roll him for his coin later but I will listen to what he has to say. He runs some locals out of their table with a look and invites us to sit down then he motions for the Dwarf and the Cat Folk thing to join us as this vision involves them too. Now my chance to get him drunk and alone is gone and I figure what the hell he offered to buy us all a drink so we can hear him out. He goes on about this vision and how the Lord Marshal was here offering us a job and now I know he is full of shit cuz the Lord Marshal isn’t going to offer me shit except an extended stay in the dungeons if I ever make his acquaintance. Then low and behold here he comes in with the Captain of the Guard and some merchant looking Dwarf. Now I am intrigued, after all if I can get in their good graces rescuing some kitty for them then I got a way in to some real gold. I can already feel the wheels turning (hehehe). But NO that would be too easy. They ask our help for some uppity Nobles who ended up lost in some tombs burying their Uncle or some such. Not even high up on the food chain, Minor Nobles, the worst. They always think they are entitled to more than they have and got a stick up their ass cause they don’t got it. What the fuck! As if that wasn’t enough they sent a couple of guards up there and they haven’t returned either. If I walk in on some orgy I better get some pussy dammit. Well if they are paying then I guess I can go along for the ride. I get them to pay us half up front might need to get some supplies before we go. That and the fact that the Half-Orc, Tharag, seemed like we would do it for free if he was given the option. Going to have to keep an eye on him to try and figure out his angle. The Cat Folk dude Roksharr seems ok if not a little cocky with all his wooded knowledge. The Dwarf, Merlo and that dog of his seem like they have seen a lot and know their way around. Then there is the Halfling he didn’t seem like he wanted to go, probably figured he couldn’t back-up all that talk he was giving earlier with his “I am a War Mage” BS. We will see. At least I don’t have to pay to keep my stuff here. Got the Captain of the Guard to allow me to store it in some lock box in the barracks.

17th of Kythorn (mid-afternoon):
We all have meet at the front gates and are ready for the trek up to the graveyard. A guard by the name of Skylar is going to lead us up there then come back down (good thing, think I am going to have enough problems looting crypts with just Tharag around, something tells me he will have a problem with it). The journey up was uneventful but when we got there another story began to unfold. The gates to the cemetery were left open a bad sign according to Skylar; he said the guards were supposed to lock it. Everything looked ok from my thoughts but Roksharr and Alistair noticed vultures circling high overhead, acting afraid to come down, they said that was weird. As we moved up towards the crypt Roksharr noticed tracks leading toward the crypt at a run and was pretty sure they were made by the two missing guards a male Dwarf, presumably Dornal and a female human, Zera. I spotted the bodies first, since I was up front and the wolves when they started approaching. There was four of them with two huge wolves about the size of a small horse, Worgs I think is what someone else called them. As soon as they made any motion towards us Roksharr let fly from his bow and stuck one firmly in its chest while the Halfling let fly some kinda magic bolt (magic missile is what I think my sister called it though hers looked a little different than his). I decided to hold my shot until they were a little closer to maximize the damage my shot produced. Once they were on us it was a scramble teeth gnashing, steel flashing, and flesh being sizzled by magic. The Halfling even dropped some rocks out of midair on a couple that were trying to escape. Maybe he can back up that talk of his. We all made out of our first scrape together with a better understanding of each other’s abilities. After the battle I did a quick search of the guards finding out that they had been looted. Merlo confirmed my suspicions after he looked over the bodies; they had not been killed by the wolves. That meant whoever was responsible for the guards death was still at large and we still had to find the three missing nobles; Desiree, Morgan, and Tyla Yearling.
We entered the tomb where all the nobles were interned. Merlo had to leave his pack mule up on the first level. Luckily while Rokshaar was staring at the ground denoting how the tracks were scrapped here and imprinted more on this side, blah blah blah. I went ahead and removed the keys that were right in front of him, great tracker not to observant though, and we were able to lock the crypt inside so we could explore without having to worry about Merlo’s mule. There were stairs leading down into darkness so Roksharr and Alistair broke out some light and I lead the way. The first room we came to had some bodies laid out on tables and as Roksharr approached one it reached out trying to hit him with its desiccated flesh. As it came to its feet another one arose shambling towards the group. While we were taking care of them a group of skeletal archers came around the corner and let fly. Tharag waded in demolishing one zombie and Merlo channeled the power of his deity commanding the undead to flee. Instead of fleeing he completely destroyed them reducing the skeletons to dust piles. Then Tharag killed the remaining zombie (not sure if you can kill something that was already dead though). I checked the bodies and noted they too had all of their possessions removed and saw that a few of the crypts had also been looted. Well dammit how is an honest thief like me gonna make a living and support my habits if I can’t remove some stuff off the dead, shit not like they are gonna care. Most of them are chillin in whatever realm their god has made for them or part of Kelemvor’s Wall. Well after the heat of battle died down I heard a girl screaming from one of the crypts so we moved over and checked it out. It appeared the girl Tyla Yearling was still alive her parents had been part of the party that greeted us upon entering this room. She told us what she could about the group responsible and I hid her from the gore of her murdered parents and we transported her up stairs. I got the group to agree that Tharag and Roksharr should take the girl back to town since it was just a little ways and she would be safer. Really I didn’t care but she did just lose her family and I wanted Tharag out of here so I could search the remaining crypts. Told Alistair and Merlo we should check and make sure there was no other undead laying in wait for us. Not too sure they bought it but they didn’t try and stop me. Cool guys.
Well Tharag and Roksharr returned and we preceded deeper down into the tombs. The next area had more crypts and when I suggested we check them for undead I got it from both Tharag and Roksharr that since they were still sealed we should show respect and leave them that way. Great now I got two goody-to-shoes I got to watch out for. So I let it go and we continued onwards. There was a door locked so I unlocked it and step in to see what was up in there and these little flying mechanical wasp things attacked me. Two of them stung me and I felt this weird feeling well up inside me but was able to overcome it. I let out a shout to alert the rest of the group and they came to my rescue I just wanted away from those things next time I might not overcome whatever it was they injected me with so I let the other guys take care of them. After we, they, took care of them we searched the place and decided they were like the caretakers of this room, oops guess it won’t be so clean anymore. Sorry dead dudes. Well we moved on to the next area and there was some message on the door along with a picture when we opened the door there was a puzzle on the floor so looking at the door and the floor pieces we moved some of them around and it opened up this way down. Roksharr decided to touch one of the non-moveable pieces and got fucked up and I stepped on an eye in the center and got showered with a beam of light but nothing bad happened to me that I can tell. We decided that we should call it a day and go back and report what we had seen and get the other half of the pay promised us. Plus those that cast magic needed to recharge and resupply. I opted to stay and make sure nothing came in while we were away, and check those other crypts for any loot, but the group didn’t need to know that.

18th of Kythorn:
The night passed by uneventful and I got some more jewelry from some Nobles. They didn’t seem to care some even seemed like they preferred me to remove it since they seemed to collapse under the weight of it. Going to have to make sure I don’t get rid of it here in Cauldron. People might not take to kindly to having to buy back their Great-Grandma’s precious gold necklace that she was buried in, rises to many questions, the kind that wind up with me spending time in jail and I don’t like that idea. Well we continued down and ran into some more undead this time it was wolves or some kinda large dogs just skeletons. I moved back to let the heavy hitters take over since my specialty is with making live things dead not dead things dead. They just don’t seem to care if you get them in the sweet spot. Merlo channeled some more divine energy and got them to turn away but didn’t destroy them so we moved into the next room to finish them off and BAM!! Roksharr gets taken out with this huge club. Didn’t see that coming. Tharag goes charging in and it is this huge undead ogre. Merlo gets behind Tharag to keep putting life into him while the ogre keeps knocking it out of him. I roll in through the gaps and help where I can and so does Alistair. Eventually we get him down without losing anyone. That was a tough bastard.
We moved on and came to a rope bridge I started across and luckily noticed that the other end started to unravel so I back tracked in time and it fell without causing any problems. Someone doesn’t want to be followed. They will soon find out it will take more than a little stunt like that to deter us. So I climbed down the rope ladder on this side figured I could wade across the water climb the other side and re-attach the bridge. No biggie let’s just do it and quit trying to figure out nine million other things we could do. Well once I was down there the water took on a life of its own and I screamed for help pulling my rapier to fend this monstrosity off Tharag climbs down and jumps to the rescue. Roksharr starts to pump arrows into it from on high and Alistair sends some magic striking into it. We took care of it without much ado and continued on. As we moved on we found a hole that appeared to lead to the surface. That musta been how the “bad” guys got down here. So we figured lets go up and see where it leads out. Again everyone wanted to discuss it and so I just started to climb it. Bad idea. There was something else up there and it didn’t like me. It wrapped its hands around my neck and it was lights out for yours truly. It jerked me up out of the hole and luckily the group liked me so they chased it up through the hole and out. Merlo was the first one out and it quickly pounced on him taking him out also. Alistair Tharag and Roksharr soon followed and a Rune Hound joined the fray. The thing that took Merlo and I out (a choker I think is what they called it), got it pretty bad and decided it didn’t want anymore and started backing away. Roksharr didn’t really care and took it all the way out of the fight and the world of the living with an arrow. Then they turned their attention on the hound. It kept spitting this shit out its mouth at them but they eventually took it down…

Session 1

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