Journal of Vashan Steele

2nd of Kythorn:
My sister and I turned 20. Uncle Rollins held a big party for us. I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that tomorrow I will be leaving to find that fucking bastard that sold us into slavery. Uncle Rollins gave me some equipment and Shadowstar. He always knew I liked that horse, probably cuz that was the only one that would let me ride without trying to kill me. Kat came by and we were able to slip away unnoticed for a while. Not long enough by my reckoning, course I could spend a whole lifetime with her and still want more. I have to find a way to get some kind of fucking title then I can eliminate that old geezer she was forced to marry and wed her myself. I did notice she was starting to show and informed her that according to the history Misha was getting from our real parents grey eyes are the norm so have a story in place just in case the baby is mine. She said that ol’ Lord Melvin was so happy he wouldn’t even believe she was possibly cheating on him. That’s fine by me just makes it that more believable when he “accidently” dies of a cardiac arrest and I am there to console his grieving widow. She wasn’t that happy with me leaving but she understands (I think) my reasoning behind why I have to do this.

7th of Kythorn:
Holy fuck! It has rained non-stop for the last three days. I finally said fuck it and got a room at a little piss stop on the way. Think from what I am hearing that a town by the name of Cauldron is on the other side of this mountain range. They said it is about a week’s travel if I skirt the range and come at it from the south. They also said something about a dragon living in this range, all the more reason to go around. When I get to Cauldron will have to find some work to beef up my supply of gold. Uncle Rollins offered to finance my trip but I felt it was something that I would get more satisfaction out of if I did it all on my own. I hope Misha keeps her word and tell or parents nothing of my where-abouts. All I need is that fat bastard getting a sniff of something coming for him and he will be gone. He may not even remember and if that is the case I will make sure it is carved into his brain before he takes his last shuddering breath begging uselessly for his pathetic life. Well the bar wench just gave me the thumbs up that she and my bath are ready, time to go show her what a real man can do. After all got to make sure my shit is top order when I get back to see Kat. It maybe quite some time.

14th of Kythorn:
Ran into a couple of dumbasses thinking they could roll me for some coin. They were actually stupid enough to walk up to me on a warhorse with fucking daggers. Shadowstar caved in one of their heads with his front hooves, throwing me out of the saddle in doing so but I managed (just barely) to turn it into a roll and landed on my feet. The other guy tried to advance thinking he had the upper hand but I was able to get my rapier in front before he got to close. He feinted with the dagger but I saw it for what it was and stepped right up to him driving my rapier in through his ribs. I held him there as I saw the light fade from his eyes just smiling at his dumbfounded expression. They had a few silvers on their bodies but the daggers were shitty. It is a surprise they had conned anybody into giving up their money. I dragged their bodies off the road and threw them down a little ravine amid the rocks and sagebrush.


Forgotten Realms: Cauldron Ebonblade