DM Dialogue II

In an opulent chamber amongst blazing torches and flickering shadows:

Gravelly voice- “By the dancing bones of Myrkul! I can’t believe that motley group of fools defeated the Elemental.”

Feminine voice- “Cauldrons new heroes appear to have more to them then we had expected originally.”

Gravelly voice- “Hmmn. I guess they do indeed-


I’m sure they will find a way to find deaths door on their own, fools such as them always do.”

Feminine voice- “I’m sure you’re right my Lord, but never the less, would you like me to expedite their trip to the Abyss? It can be arranged in short order.”

Gravelly voice- Evil laughter “Muahahahaha! My dear, always quick to act on my behalf. No, I think not. We shall bide our time, and if the time comes then maybe I shall utilize your talents, but right now I’m mildly amused by the antics of Cauldrons…What did you say they were called…Cauldrons Harbingers! Haha.”

Feminine voice- “As well as a number of other names I have recently heard throughout Cauldrons sorted social circles.”


Feminine voice- “My Lord, It was also brought to my attention that our associates among the Last laugh have had little luck in the way of locating the one who betrayed Xeron; it is as if he has vanished. I’m afraid he might have fled the town.”

Gravelly voice- “I clearly have a better pulse on Cauldron then you have my dear; I have reason to believe the meddlesome Harpers that recently tainted our town with their presence have a hand in his thorough disappearance.”

Feminine voice- “The same ones who freed that bard slut from the Jesters grasp?”

Gravelly voice- “That and the same my dear; and if you seek anyone to slay in furthering our goals I shall hope it is one of the blasted Harpers.”

Feminine voice- “Yes my Lord, I shall seek them out as quickly as possible.”


Gravelly voice- “That is all dear, may the shadows you whisper from always hold you in favor.”

Feminine voice- “Thank you my Lord.”

DM Dialogue II

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