DM Dialogue I

Somewhere within the Town of Cauldron:

Torch light flickered off the walls of the dark opulent chamber, the creaking sound of a door slowly opening and closing echoed through a side hallway. The clicking sound of hard soled shoes on stone approached with a slight pause at the open entry to the chamber.

Gravelly voice- “Well, well, I see you have finally come to pay your Lord a visit, do tell why you are late for your report my dear.”

(Nervous laugh) Feminine voice- “My L-lord, I was seek-“ Interruption

Gravelly voice- “Stop! Come before me woman and address me not from the shadows, your timidity is a bore.”

Feminine voice- “Yes m-my Lord. I have come to share information recently gathered, and to provide an update on our recent set back.”

(Low growl) Gravelly voice- “Go ahead, enlighten me.”

Feminine voice- “My Lord, your worse fears have been proven, Xeron has died, and his minions destroyed or dispersed. We have failed in retrieving the bones of the lost king.”

(Deep Growl) Gravelly voice- “Is it true that another adventuring band has graced our fine town?”

Feminine voice- “T’is true my Lord, we have not a name yet, but they do consist of a motley sort. I’m sure in due time we will have more info on the band.”

Gravelly voice- “Good! Now tell me what you can that I may find helpful in my decision making.”

Feminine voice- “My Lord, we were able to gain some info from one of the deserters of Xeron’s party, but we were unable to gain fully what we had wished for. My contact tells me she was rescued out from under us by Harper agents before we could complete further interrogation. We were able to at least gain the name and identity of another who supposedly betrayed Xeron.”

(Low growl) Gravelly voice- “Who is this betrayer?”

Feminine voice- “My contacts state that he goes by several names, and we believe he is either an ugly Human or possibly a ½ Orc. Never the less, members of my guild seek him as we speak. One thing more, he looks to be one of the adventurers that interfered with our plans.”

(Guttural laugh) Gravelly voice- “Now that dear is interesting news indeed; I shall like to find out more about this new band of heroes gracing Cauldron. Hmmm, I guess we should have placed less faith in Xeron and his associates.”

Feminine voice- “As my Guild Master had mentioned, we should have been allowed a better show of force amongst Xeron’s band. The results may have- Interruption

Gravelly voice- “Don’t ever assume or foretell what you do not know. Your Guild is but a tool for me to utilize, and I do not need to be reminded what your Guild Master said.”


“Remember darling, my associates and I could wipe you and your pathetic guild from the face of Faerun in a matter of days. This Triad we have created shall only help us all in the end, and ultimately fill our coffers. You shall be all the wiser if you remember your place amongst us.”

Feminine voice- “Y-y-yes m-my Lord. Is th-that all my Lord?”

Gravelly voice- “Yes that is all dear now leave me.”

Hurried steps clicking off stone depart the chamber; a door is opened and quickly closed.

Gravelly voice- “So, what do you think? Can the guild be trusted to follow our guidance?”

Raspy voice- “Yes, they shall play the part required of them; they have done more to satisfy our objective then allowed to fail.”

Gravelly voice- “Indeed they have, and I shall have more for them and you in the near future be assured.”

Raspy voice- “Your assurances are not required, but my services will be I’m sure. Good Eve.”

Guttural laughter

DM Dialogue I

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