Forgotten Realms: Cauldron


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Historical Background​
Cloud Peaks Nashkel and the path through the Snakewood.​
Troll Mountains​
The path North through Iriaebor and the Stormhorn Mountains and into the region of Cormyr, Symbia, and Coormanthor​
Galina Moutnains​
Where am I?​
Session 1 – (Journal)    A journey begins….​
Session 2 – (Journal)    A journey begins….​
Historical Background
AMN Region

Originally from the AMN region born in Candle Keep just off the Sea of Swords.  Having very little in common with the people of the coast he became brutish and mean spirited.  Wealth seemed to be their only concern and being of little coin and repulsive was spat upon and dismissed.  It was there I was recruited by a small band of less than reputable group known as “The Shadow Thieves”. I ran messages for them and no one paid me any mind other than passing disgust. The group had their hand in everything from trade to the ruling class. I once even ran messages and assignments for Santos Dilbufian he was feared by everyone around him and respected within the region. I suspect if he was not one of the council of six then he was a first lieutenant.  It took some time to make peace with human folk, and lifting a purse here and there or carrying assassination orders seemed to help.  Eventually I grew restless and left seeking my own fortune and believing that I had learned how to lift for a living.
Cloud Peaks Nashkel and the path through the Snakewood.
Rumors said I could find wealth in the Troll Mountains to the South East.  I traveled along the Cloud Peaks stopping in Nashkel only for a short period. Finding a few contacts I had heard had moved out from the region surrounding Candlekeep I looked up a human Rick “The Dick” Wasach. As his name stated he was a dick and tried to have me arrested.  I fled the city with the help of an elf shadow broker Milf Wanderban.  He provided a map through the Snakewood that would take me to the Troll Mountains.  I avoided everyone I could and occasionally spotted an elf in the late evening just as dusk fell behind the trees. They kept to themselves and I kept to my own and there were no issues. Although one thought he might try something. Once they realized both my hearing and eyesight were excellent at night they avoided me.
Troll Mountains
I visited the Waling Dwarf and learned a bit of jewel crafting and the basics of mining from the Gnomes. Gnomes reminded me too much of humans but they always seemed either too happy or two stones short of crazy. My time there was short and I did not retain anything I learned from jewel crafting. The gnome language was not comfortable on my tongue so I never really learned it, but I was a quick study with some of the dwarves and learned both Undercommon and dwarven rather quickly.   I did become good friends with Lip Gemcutter a local jeweler and several well-known dwarves “The Crackbreaker brothers Domak , Rimak, and Damak.  There was also one one gem crafter and tradesman Selmak Stonewarden who seemed to want to teach me his craft and “keep me on the stone path” as he liked to say.  Something seemed to be calling to me so one day I decided to just leave. The mountains were definitely better than the cities. (Too many humans, PHAW!)
The path North through Iriaebor and the Stormhorn Mountains and into the region of Cormyr, Symbia, and Coormanthor
From the Troll Mountains I travelled directly North with a caravan consisting primarily of dwarves. I carried two maces and looked as menacing as I could as one of the caravan guards. I made quick friends with a Dwarf named Rikar RockBreaker and an elf named Thornsilver Nilo. Both were fairly good with their chosen weapons. Unfortunately, I had a lot to learn. They would laugh as I practiced with them saying my skills were juvenile and weak but they always followed up the smacking I took with plenty of Ale or Mead. The stories they told and adventures they had encouraged me to practice harder and learn what I could from each of them.  They would laugh often, “Keep that Chip on your shoulder that sour look and evil grin and you will go far.. just don’t try to hit anything and you will be fine.” It got old but it was part of the life I was living and traveling was in my bones. The Caravan Master always eyed me warily and would occasionally place bets on my poor fighting skills. Once I could hold my own he began to pay me a little on the side to lose.  On occasion he would have me go out with the scouts or into the town ahead of the caravan. Rogane Silvertongue was her name, a half-elf with a very striking appearance. All of the humans seemed to ogle her and some said she had some “work” done to make her appear more “busty”.  I always admired a good ass, since that was what I had the best view of most of the time. There is a lot you can learn from someone by watching the swagger in their step or the flex of a hard buttox. … but I digress…  The trip through the city of Iriaebor was mostly uneventful. I was introduced to a few other traders and merchants and seemed to always get chosen for page duty. It paid well and knowing peoples secrets was always nice. People think a wax seal is hard to crack without being noticed, but it really is not. (something I learned from the Shadow Thieves). Information brokering can be very valuable.  
Knowing that Rogane had a weakness for short men with beards and distaste for flamboyant humans was nice to know but easy to see. What was not as well known is that she regularly skimmed from the coffers of those in the merchants guild and that RIvest Wallbulder a dwarven jewel merchant and Sam Tankard a human trader were blackmailing her for sex or secrets may come in handy someday.
The merchant band traveled for several months through Cormyr, Symbia, and Cormanthor. Each city and each region I learned more about who knew what about whom, who was blackmailing who, who was skimming from the coffers, and who was on the up and up.  Each city always brought new information. Sammy Slick Fingers in Suzail was a fence and information broker,  Vick Walronsmith was one to be cautious of in Urmlayspyr if you wanted to keep your money but he was also a good information broker and had fingers in the local thieves guild.  I suspect he was also a recruiter. Pip Silverfork was the local broker in Searloon and kept close ties with Vox Spindlehammer  in Selgaunt and Mox Hubrangabner in Yahunn. In Highmoon I apparently ticked off the wrong elf and about got my ass handed to me by a cutthroat because I did not yeld in bar brawl. Unfortunately, it put me on the bad side of Willow Wonderwood who was not one to cross. I had to leave the caravan and headed north through Ashenford and Shadowdale.  I stopped in Daggerfall and spent several weeks. Making contact with a local guild thief who “took care” of those following me.  I ran messages with a few other thugs back and forth to Zenthil Keep, Mines of Tethymar and the Citadel of the Raven.  I learned quickly that breaking a wax seal would cost you’re a hand if you were lucky. Zip Slickfingers became Zip no fingers quickly. I ran with the Swich Clan, Snog Drifters, and Warg Callers depending on what I needed to carry.  I learned Orc, Goblin, and Undercommon during the months I worked the roads for Zefur Bilerblan of Daggerfall. During that time I almost never had the same contact twice while traveling between the mines, the citadel, and the keep.
Eventually, I was convinced by a shield dwarf, Ban Boulderfist,  to help find fortune North East in the in the mines of the Galina Mountains. When my last job finished in the Citadel I made my way out through Ilinver (where I kept a low profile and only spoke to folks when necessary)  to Galina.
Galina Moutnains
Once in the Galina Mountains I thought I had truly found my calling. I worked at the forges of  Nafban Macerunner of the Moon Sea as an apprentice and occasionally delved into the mines with Ban to seek gemstones for the local miners guild.  Nafban was a great weaponsmith and Dwarven Fighter residing in the Galina Mountains. The minders called me GemSeeker or Veit Lim Ungart (Rock Hammer) by the local clansmen. Most knew me as Tordek Lim Dankil. It didn’t matter much I knew who I was and being away from human was good.  During my time in Galina I studied under Nafban and began to learn of different fighting styles. As I got better I met a Goliath named Ankinea Wolftracker Neaayoag we sparred and practiced often, dined together regularly and had a general kinship as if he was a brother.  He called me Torek Lim Skullbreaker Dankil. This was an honorific not many received from the Goliath of the higher mountains. Nafban was also proud that I had earned the trust of one of the Goliath and he began to have us run weapons to his clients down in the valley it was much safer than trading secrets and the merchants and clientele purchasing his weapons tipped nicely.  Eventually we parted ways and I fell back into my old ways trading secrets.
They said all it takes is one slip and your gone, that couldn’t be more accurate. I got careless with one of my messages to the Mines of Tethyammr and next thing I knew I was stripped and burining in the sun as I was carried across the Empire of Shadows. I was beaten slashed and spat upon by everyone as an example. I was not allowed to die, but forced to endure.  Believe me the BlackRoad is no place to be caged and unprotected.  Eventually I was beaten to unconsciousness and dumped into The Lonely Moore.  
Where am I?
The dreams come and go my memories fade and ebb. I remember all of it, but none of it clearly.  I awaken, my head is pounding. Scars crisscross my torso and my hands are rough.  A set of traveling gear and armor sit on a chest in the corner.  Two maces and an axe sit beside a small table.
A tall thin woman peeks her head back into the room with a smile.. “Too much to drink again my Duckling?”  … (Duckling? Who is she calling… why can’t I remember how I got here…?)  She smiles again… “Best you saddle up and head on into Cauldron this morning.” I stop just short of asking … “wh…” She cocks her head and nods then disappears back into the other room.
I get out of bed put on my traveling clothes strap my weapons on and head wander into the next room.  A warm bowl of stew is sitting on the table and the smell of Mead reaches my nose. Ahhh.. As I sit down to eat something strikes me as odd… just as a thought enters my mind, my head clears and my stomach rumbles..  I sit the mug on the table in next to the empty bowl… (Odd, I don’t remember eating the stew…)
Outside I hear the woman again.. “Duckling… you shoud be getting on now, it is time…” I shrug into my cloak and walk out the entry door. An ass waits, saddled and packs loaded. A dual bladed axe strapped to the saddle and a wardog wags his tail in recognition.
Again my head feels clouded.. I stop and look back at an empty road. I pause wondering how I arrived here something telling me to continue north toward Cauldron.  Suddenly it all crashes down on me and a splitting headache about knocks me out… I take three quick steps toward where a small house was earlier. Scratch steps in front and growls back the way we came.. On the wind, it is as if I hear a voice calling Duckling….. and it’s gone.  Things again seem cloudy… 
I am greeted by a gruff growl of a half orc.. “Hey.. move in or Ill put you in the stockade.” I glare at the gate guardsman and he flinches.  “Where can I get a good Ale?” He frowns back now having regained his composure. “Move it, do me be looking like a map?” and he waves me on. I enter the town of cauldron and head for a good Ale to clear my head.
Session 1 – (Journal)    A journey begins….
Wandering through the streets of Cauldron and somehow ending up in the seedier neighborhoods I review in my mind how I got here…  <see>..    I am not really sure why I am here or how I arrived. If I had to guess I would almost believe it was the work of Shaundakul. If that were the case there would be a purpose which will not remain secret for long because he is not one for keeping secrets … perhaps a stout ale or Meade, it has been a while since I have had a good Meade. <stopping> well, this place looks seedy enough for rumors at least or perhaps a dustup. I could use some more practice.  
Upon entering the establishment I gaze around looking to see who might be easiest to cause trouble with, who to avoid, and who might have their ear to the rumors of this town. The inkeep sure is thin, bah what sort of judge am I… Keeping a skinny proprietor on the good side is probably a good idea, especially if he is not sampling the food… A small group of adventurers look to be taking a job or at least reviewing some work from what I am overhearing. Then I notice.. her.. a drow (or half drow) WOW a fellow outcast. She looks like she could probably hold her own…
Finishing the room scan… Well paint a paladin green and call him healthy, that IS Wolf tracker!!!  Now there is someone that I can work with! It’s all coming together, Shaundakul bless me I suspect I will soon know why I was brought here. I approached and re-introduced myself and we began a conversation and began catching up on old times and what has been going on since we parted ways. As we begin to visit I overhear the older dwarven gentlemen mention Randal Lim. Lim is my family name and I have a brother named Randal…  More is revealed…  I quickly excuse myself the conversation with Wolftracker and interrupt.  Excuse me, <wink>, I heard you mention a name, Randal Lim? Do you by chance know him or is he traveling with you? <randal><then> “He is no longer with us.” I asked, “Ahh, so did he move on then?” To which several conversations started all at once, “Who are you?”, “What do you want.” “He is dead.” “Hey betrayed..” ..”Join us..”  It was all a jumble of questions. It was like this group had 5 heads and no leader. I was not sure what to say so I chose to praise Shaundakul for bringing me here in hopes of distracting them enough for one person to take the lead in the conversation. It seemed to work. I had a few coherent questions from what looked to be a more “charismatic” individual and some creature… or man-cat.  We conversed briefly <although>< I ain’t willing to die for some good dark meat, but I’d be willing to take a “beating” (he heh) for it. One thing about being a mongrel… … not all the parts are proportioned correctly and the girl would show some fear if it were my polearm in her hands.> … Gota keep my mind on the task at hand, so I answered a few questions and they must have liked the answers because they invited both me and Wolf to join them after their little party.
The evening passed pretty uneventful for Wolf and I as we caught up on old times. < I have not told him yet, but I have been practicing and stand a chance of beating the big ol’ competitive bastard at skull breaking. >
The evening ended and before we knew it (Wolf  joined the group too) the group paid us and were off on a new adventure. Travel and conversation was slim on the first day I simply kept up and observed.  During the first night my watch was quiet neither me my ass or my dog sensed any trouble beyond one of those griffons <passed> decided to try and make a meal of one of the mounts.  Wolftracker’s watch was not quite as quiet. Can’t say as I blame him for trying to take on a displacer cat by himself, (he is a competitive bastard after all) but the screams of the little apparently armor wearing spell caster woke the party. As the fighting stopped and the verbal combat continued between the Huge Goliath and the small Halfling I had to laugh the little bastard was just as competitive. This will be great! I can play them off of each other!  Sad to say, based on the rules of Wolf’s game I won out which will only frustrate the big guy further… Ahhh what a truly good way to stretch tired muscles.  It’s too bad the damn cats ran away because now they will be back again.  
So far say it has been somewhat entertaining, I suppose I am going to have to confirm one more time where we are going, why, and if we get paid when the adventure ends.

Randal Lim Safires Journal

This is the personal journal of Randal Lim Safire (Deceased), now deceased. Randal had multiple personalities due to his mental state which ended up getting him killed as a betrayer to the The Ebon Triad.


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Journal of Vashan Steele

This is the personal journal of Vashan Steele, the often contested face of the Harbingers, one of two active Adventuring Group’s in the Cauldron region.
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