The Dragon Staff of Knowledge

Magical Arcane Staff

This golden maple staff has a golden alloy shod of a dragon claw in the form of a fist. The head of the dragon staff resembles that of a gold dragon holding a large white pearl in it’s mouth. The staff shrinks to the comfortable size of the wielder once touched. The staff will cast five Identify spells per day, and will illuminate as per the light spell when the command “Nacre” is spoken. The light is a soft pearl like glow. Once per week the staff will cast the spell Locate Object, the wielder must only will the object he or she seeks. To identify the wielder must only touch the item in question. If an item has more then one ability or characteristic it will use multiple charges to identify it fully.

Market Price:37,375 G.P. Caster level:11th

Note# This Staff gains more abilities when it’s wielder reaches level 12, and level 16.


The Dragon Staff of Knowledge

Forgotten Realms: Cauldron Ebonblade