Vashan Steele

Human, Male, Rogue of Calamshan and the Shaar


Vashan Steele

Born in the year of 1358 (The Time of Troubles) in the town of Shaarmid in the Shaar. He is the older of twins by thirty minutes. His twin sister is Misha Steele, currently of Suldorphor. He has two older brothers.

Terjon the oldest, now 32, loved fighting since he was a toddler. When the family moved from Durpar in 1355 to Shaarmid his father enrolled him in the finest training available. He trained for seven years under the tutelage of Weapon Master Logram. After his training was complete he went out on the plains and joined one of the nomadic tribes and to this day is one of the most feared and revered warriors.

Brody the second oldest, now 26, thirsted for knowledge. So his father sent him to study at the temple of Oghama. His love for The Lord of Knowledge grew. So in the year of 1360 he swore himself to the service of Oghama and became a cleric at the age of 18.

His parents Joran and Mischelle were merchants of middle class living in Durpar. Realizing that the town was ruled by those with more than they, they decided to pack up and move since the chance for advancement would never come. So in 1355 they moved the family to Shaarmid.

The first year was tough. They thought that since they had been raised with merchants their whole lives that they knew better than the barbaric nomads of the area. They could not have been farther from the truth. Finally remembering the old saying “you catch more bees with honey than vinegar” they revamped their strategy and are now the leaders in one of the strongest Merchant Guilds in the area. Of course with all success there is inevitably someone whom does not share in your happiness, and it came in the form of Master Jacob Barzien.

Jacob Barzien was the head of the other Merchant guild in the area. He and his constituents did not like that a couple of upstarts moved in on their territory and were taking over. So they devised a plan and put it into action in the year of 1366. Thinking that the loss of their two youngest would shatter them they hired a group of mercenaries and had Vashan and Misha captured and sold into slavery.

Joran and Mischelle loved all their children very much and although it was a terrible tragedy the outcome could not have been farther from what Barzien had hoped. Instead of weakening their position it increased their standing. Joran used all his considerable sources and it turned out that Mischelle was quite proficient at information brokering. While this did not help in finding their children, Barzien had covered his tracks to well; it did open up a whole new venture for the couple. Mischelle was not dissuaded and continued to search for nine long years until finally she found her daughter Misha. She was living comfortably apprenticing to the house wizard of Lord Rollins Untheredge, and she also let her parents know that although they would not be able to contact Vashan that he was also fine.

Vashan and Misha were inseparable since birth. Vashan since he was the oldest, if only by thirty minutes felt it was his responsibility to protect and help his sister with any and all things needed. They both had a thirst for knowledge like their older brother Brody, but they also had a knack for getting into and out of trouble faster than you could blink an eye. For their first love, brother Brody was all too happy to oblige them and by the age of four they could both read and write better than most adults. Throughout the next four years they read and studied anything that they could lay their hands on, and in a temple dedicated to Oghama that is quite a lot! Even though they loved knowledge they also hungered for adventure and that need was fulfilled in the form of an older boy named Devon.

Devon was an orphan boy and although he was three years their senior he was small for his age. The three of them were a force to be reckoned with. Nothing was safe from them if they set their minds on it. He taught Vashan the basics of picking locks, pockets, and what to look for when searching an item to see if someone had left a nasty surprise for anyone who wanted in to something that was not theirs. As it turned out Vashan was a very quick study. Yes it appeared that their life was all going great, until…

It was early one midsummer morning in the year of 1366 and the trading was on in full bloom. So the best thing for Vashan and Misha was to be anywhere but around their parents, they had a knack for making them work, and on a wonderful day like today that was the furthest thing on their minds. They were out in the back alleys waiting for Devon to show when suddenly men were surrounding them they were stuffed into sacks gagged and then thrown it to a cart. The next thing they knew they were chained together with other people and being marched west and everything they knew and loved was nowhere in sight.

The next couple of weeks were much the same walking all day with brief rests sleeping on the ground waking at the crack of dawn and starting all over again. They did learn that through the little bits of conversation they over heard that they were being taken to the town of Calimport to be sold as slaves and that Master Barzien was responsible. Vashan silently vowed revenge.

They were about a week outside of Suldorphor much the same as every other day that preceded but when they stopped for their break they were suddenly set upon by a group of desperate bandits. During all the commotion Vashan was able to pick the locks on him and his sister’s shackles and slip away unnoticed. While they were escaping he stopped to grab a short bow, arrows, and a dagger off of one of the fallen bandits. His sister, doing him one better, grabbed the money pouch and a backpack with it turned out to be clothes and a couple of water skins. So with some silver, weapons, water and clothes (although they didn’t fit since they were only eight at the time) they set off with the knowledge, thanks to their brother Brody, that Suldolphor lay somewhere to the west by northwest.

They were quick to find out that although they were not rangers by any means when Lady Luck smiled on them in the form of a rabbit or ground squirrel Vashan hit what he was aiming at. He even discovered that if he took the time to creep closer he instinctively knew where to place the shot to inflict the most damage. So, even though they were still a little hungry, thanks be to Tymora they were not completely starving when they arrived at Suldolphor.

Suldolphor although extremely larger than Shaarmid was basically the same. The first few weeks were very difficult. They managed to find a temple to Ilmater and thanks to the Broken God had a place to sleep and a little food to eat. Just surviving was the last thing on Vashan’s mind he had a score to settle and to do that he needed a lot more. So with revenge in his mind he set out every day looking for his chance to move one step closer to his goal. He marked a house of a minor Lord and slinking through the alley he was able to gain entrance over the back wall.

Knowing that all manors have pages running about he cleaned himself up and changed into one of the extra page boy uniforms in the laundry closet. From there all he had to do was hide out till midday meal and slip in with all the other serving boys and no one seemed to notice a few bits of food missing here and there. He was also able to snatch some silverware and silk napkins, not much but things he could eventually get a few coppers for. Every night he would return to his sister and eventually they were able to get a small dingy shack. The land lord acted like he cared not about who stayed there but Vashan could sense his less than pure thoughts toward his sister. He needed to find a better place and that meant bigger risks with greater rewards.

He and his sister started working the crowds she would do little shows performing tricks and he would pretend to be an onlooker while relieving the real onlookers of their hard earned silvers. It didn’t take long for them to get noticed by one of the local gangs and they were recruited. Derek was the first to approach them realizing they had talent. He quickly introduced himself and they hit it off well, he reminded them of Devon. A few weeks later they were taken to meet Lommis and Slade. Lommis was the so called leader, and as far as Vashan could see the only way he was the leader was because he could beat the crap out of anyone who thought to say otherwise. But it was a place away from the molesting land lord they had now and anything was better than having his sister living in fear of that bastard deciding he had waited long enough to taste her fruit. So they got their meager belongings and moved in with Lommis and his gang.

Things started working out well for the twins they had a proper place to sleep were well fed Vashan got better training with his weapons now that he had a friend to spar with and his skills were being developed. He had worked his way up the chain from snatch and grab to pick pocketing and was well on his way to B and E. That was when things went wrong. He and his sister were an unbeatable pair they just seemed to know what each other was thinking and reacted with precision. Lommis felt threatened and he did not like that feeling. So he devised a test he knew they would not succeed at.

They waited outside the manor walls until the guards where going to get their relief and quietly slipped over the walls into the waiting darkness. Working the edge staying in the shadows they made it to the stables. Vashan hoisted his sister up and she swung around when she was situated she help him up. From there they worked the shadows of the peaks to make it up to the third story window. The study was their goal and the large diamond waiting inside. Lommis had said he found a fence that would take it and they would live like kings for the years to come. Knowing him and his sister were the only ones remotely capable of pulling the job off Vashan agreed. They made their way into the study quiet as a mouse and began working the locks on the case. Vashan had one lock undone when out of nowhere there were guards and Lord Rollins Unthredge standing there with weapons draw. There were too many to fight and they had blocked off his escape so all they could do was surrender. As it turns out that was their best option.

Lord Unthredge had been tipped off by Lommis that someone had been planning on stealing his diamond and although he knew they were coming he was not able to spot them anywhere until they made it into the study and tripped his magical alarms. He was quite frankly impressed with how well Vashan and his sister worked together and offered them employment with him. Even though he was a respected Lord he had his hands in enough dirty deeds that it was a match made in heaven and Vashan and Misha readily agreed since they had no other place to go since Lommis had betrayed them.

By the time the twins were 16 they had made quite the name for themselves. That is when Misha started showing signs and feeling the tug of Mystra. The house wizard was only too happy to apprentice her knowing that if she perceived magic as easily as she perceived everything else she would be a powerful ally. This left Vashan pulling jobs on his own. It took a while getting used to it but like everything else he picked up on it quickly.

Over the next four years Vashan honed his skills and always keep a close eye on his sister. He continued his studies and it seemed whatever struck his fancy Lord Rollins was able to find ample information on the topic. He knew of his Lords affiliation with the thieves’ guild but what he learned next blew his mind. When Lord Rollins figured Vashan was ready he took him down stairs through winding corridors and finally to the temple of Mask. Lord Rollins, it appeared, was a high priest of Mask. He gave Vashan the option of joining him in service to the Master of All Thieves and Vashan readily accepted. He also gave him a place in the local thieves’ guild since he was one of the masters.

Now with all secrets gone between the two they began working out a plan to set up Lommis. After all he basically tried to kill the twins, just in a way that the blood would not be on his hands. They had planned to steal an item of worth from one of the minor lords and plant it with Lommis. Since Vashan had left Lommis’s gang, Derek had also left and Slade was working for himself as an accomplished fence. Derek however took the high road and joined the guards and was a sergeant. They were going to need both of them to get their plan to work with the desired effect. In the end Lommis ended up serving a seven year sentence in the county lock up. As of 1378 he still has two more years to serve.

He ended up meeting a sexy vixen by the name of Kat and they carried on for quite some time but she was Noble and the best he could claim was merchant class and her father forbade them from continuing on. That didn’t stop them since by now Vashan knew his way into almost every house in the city, and they continued their affair. Kat was married to an older Lord by the name of Lord Melvin Seally. Vashan still visited her whenever they could find the time she even became pregnant and rumors in the right circles claimed that the real father of the kid was Vashan.

All the while he kept in the back of his mind the burning desire to seek revenge on the bastard that caused all the hardships he and his sister had to endure. Remembering what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger he was defiantly stronger and when they found out their parents were still looking for them nine years after they were taken Vashan decided to go pay that fat Son-of-a-Bitch Barzien a visit. Knowing his sister was happy and well taken care of he set off with explicit directions to let their parents know he was alright but not to let them know what he was getting ready to do. Revenge is a dish best served cold and in person!!!

So the first place he went to was the slums of Suldorphor. The old lecherous bastard that had made his sister so uncomfortable when they had first got a place of their own needed to be taken care of. Vashan had been gathering information on him and it appeared his guess about the old man’s tastes were correct, little girls. So he studied him for a couple days figured out his routine and struck when the time was right. One less worthless bastard in the world.

He made his way to the town of Cauldron and is currently staying at the Drunken Morkoth Inn.

Lord Rollins Unthredge

Lord Rollins is Vashan’s unofficial guardian. After catching Vashan and Misha trying to steal his diamond he took an immediate liking to the twins. He recognized the value that Vashan could bring to his organization. Since unknown to the law abiding citizens of Suldorphor, he is also the High Cleric of Mask and one of the guild masters of the local thieves guild.
On the official side of things he breeds and supply’s about 85% of all the light war horses to the Calimshan army. He is the fifth largest house in all of Suldorphor.


After finding out that Lommis set up Vashan and Misha he quickly distanced himself from their crew and went to work for the city guard as a stable hand. Working his way up the food chain he was soon promoted to sergeant. He sells information to Lord Rollins whenever it doesn’t conflict with his guard duties.


After Lommis was incarcerated Slade used his contacts and became one of the most able fences in all of Suldorphor. Most of the freelance thieves use him and the thieves’ guild uses him exclusively. Even though he was working with Lommis he did not realize that Lommis had sent Vashan and Misha on a suicide mission or that he had tipped of the mark. He actually helped Vashan with setting Lommis up.

Lady Katrina Seally (Kat)

Even after she was married off to Lord Melvin Seally she was able to carry on her affair with Vashan. Lord Rollins has known about their affair for some time and for kicks has hired a maid to drug Lord Melvin with Cassil, a herb causing infertility in males. Lady Kat has become with child and it is a very good bet that the child is Vashans.


He is currently serving a seven year sentence for a crime he did not commit, has two years left. After Vashan found out that Lommis had set he and his sister up for failure he vowed revenge. A few years after that fateful night Vashan and Lord Rollins devised a plan and put it into action. Vashan went out to a minor noble’s house and stole one of their prized possessions’. He left a trail of bread crumbs to Lommis with the help of Slade. When the guard showed up Lommis of course being the thug that he is tried fighting them and it only helped to incriminate him. The minor noble who owned the property in question was so embarrassed that he screamed for the maximum punishment allowed and to placate him and stop his whining the courts acquiesced.

Master Jacob Barzien

Master Barzien was the person responsible for Vashan and Misha being sold into slavery. Vashan found out this fact and is seeking revenge. He is the leader of the second largest Merchants Guild in Shaarmid. He is also a member of the Zhent Brotherhood.

Vashan Steele

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