Randal Lim Safire (Deceased)

Mongrel, Male, Fighter/Rogue of Amn


Recent History:

Adventure… Adventure… yes.. Adventure and meeting new people has always been what excited and motivated Randal Lim Safire. Well.. That is who he is today, now, in the moment. Travels have taken the dark eyed fellow too many lands throughout Ferun. Fortunately for him, the City Militia training in Waterdeep as a City Guard and as much the green of the guard disturbed him he disliked his service with the Castle Guard even more. The upside with that training is that it has been paying dividends ever since.

Taking the assignment and infiltrating the people of the Black blood was probably a mistake. No, not probably, it was definitely a mistake. If it had not been the Warden personally asking Viet Lim Ungart (Randal’s first role as a dwarf in human society)he would not have accepted. Maybe the Warden thought he could change Viet or maybe he thought the role suited him. Viet never understood because the bigger question that always vexed him was how he a simple mongrel even managed to stay with “The People” and their savage ilk for so long without discovery. It must have all been dumb luck. However, had he not been so successful before they recognized he was not one of them. His value would have been less and he would have been killed or “changed” like so many others before him.

Unfortunately, venturing into the Underdark and Skullport with “The People” was more stupidity that was quickly eliminating his ignorance and nievite of the real world around him. Its ashame so many of his people simply strive for the city life so common among his people. As with most people in the world arrogance gets the best of everyone sometimes. Yes, he survives today simply because his curse is his blessing. It sets him apart from the others in society. If it had not been for his “unique” heritage when He and “The People” were captured by the Drow he would have been slain and discarded. Intrigue and curiosity definitely has killed plenty of catfolk apparently it’s a weakness among many of the Female Drow too… Fortunately from him being a quick study in language and mimicry he was able to pick up the languages of undercommon and gain an understanding of the Drown hand languages. Truthfully if it had not been for his adaptability he would be dead. It’s really too bad he had lost fingers during the experiments; he used to be quite an archer.

Alas, he will never be the same again. The time he spent as Tordek Lim Dankil in the Underdark did change him. He will ever succumb to the Moral absolutes of those like the Warden. The man who had sent him to die. In sending him to die it had made him stronger so maybe Randal should be thankful… After all, stripping the flesh from that female Drow was pleasing. It had earned him a chance at freedom. That and if the Male Drow’s head had not exploded. (Strange things with the magic of the Drow) Their females were powerful then had no magic at the same instant the males surged with the power.. He reflected and thought to himself about the strange changes occurring around him as he rode along the bumpy road along the path to his next challenge. ..

Returning from his thoughts VishLimCrack noticed the farmer, who was driving the wagon, kept staring at him from the corner of his eye. VishLimCrack just smiled to himself and barked in clear guttural Orc. … HAH I can’t wait to dine in one of your human inns and pay for some zug zug from some our human womaz. After all, half Orc from the waist down too. As he pointed to his lap. The farmer gaped at him and then Randl realized he was overplaying his role as Vish today and repeated his words in common this time grabbing himself roughly. The farmer turned white and his wife ducked back deeper into the wagon, her face contorted in mixed disgust and … heh he only caught a glimpse for a moment but it was… Curiosity…. Randal laughed aloud again and let his mind wander and reflect on the people he had become, the people, he was, and wondered who he would be next. The remaining journey was quiet and without the stares. He felt good about life. Perhaps his luck had changed. VishLimCrack from the region of Damara just looking for more adventure….

In Cauldron, surely they had an inn full of women, song, and more women. His funds had been quickly running since his last job where he had served the city militia in the Region of Cormyr. He would have stayed longer but goblin was just taking him to long to learn and he had become restless. Admittedly living life as a brute with his street smarts was far better than his early days as an infiltrator in Waterdeep. Someday he would go back and kill the mole that ratted him out to “The People”

Maybe this “Band of the Hand” he had heard of would be hiring… If not it was back to the militia. Although that role has paid him well he felt the winds of change upon him. (That or it was another brutal storm that had started to become more common as of late) Again returning from his thoughts VishLimCrack realized the wagon had stopped and the farmer was staring at him.Vish paused and started, looking up at the walls, then taking in a deep breath he flipped the farmer a gold coin. Barked at him in orc again and headed for the gates.

Ahh the city guard, Veit Lim Ungart of the Rock Hammer clan took on the swagger of a dwarf as he approached the Elven gate guard to see what he could learn of happenings in Cauldron. If things weren’t boiling yet in this town, they soon would be and he just had a feeling he was going to be a part of it.

Back/ Basic History.
Randal Lim Safire of the Lim Clan was born in 1349 DR during the feast of the moon.

His life started in the Region of Amn where he lived and learned with the clan. They kept to themselves only for a time and then it was just he and his mother. Soon it was only he.

Life started early for the mongrel. Earning one’s own keep was a key skill to surviving. He was fortunate that he did have some human traits unlike his twin.

As he reached his early teen years he began to learn the craft of mimicry. (The art of becoming someone else. The benefit of his mongrel heritage.) At first he used it for thievery and deception. Soon learning that the single focus on that craft was not leading to a good end he joined the city watch as a runner and messenger. As he discovered the wider world around him he moved on to Waterdeep doing odd jobs and constantly practicing his craft of mimicry. A few years in Waterdeep and he was working as a City Guard in Water deep and the rest is history.

Birth / Heritage:
Mothers side –
Grandmother – Primarily Gnome/Halfling decent
Grandfather – Primarily Human/ Moon Elf (skin is a little grayer than the average mongrel.)

On Fathers side –
Grandfather – Primarily Half Orc / Goblin
Grandmother – Primarily Mountain Dwarf / Deep Dwarf

Randal Lim Safire (Deceased)

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